Are Slow Hiring Processes Creating Problems for Your Company?

Are Slow Hiring Processes Creating Problems for Your Company?

Does your hiring process take too long?  If so, you aren’t just missing out on good talent…. 5 other areas affected by a slow hiring process (#2 may surprise you).

The obvious.  With low unemployment rates, you run the risk of losing top talent to your competition. Top candidates apply to multiple job openings and usually receive offers quickly.  If your hiring process is too lengthy or has too many steps, they will be snatched up by a more nimble company before you can make an offer.

#1  The Less Obvious.  Once better qualified candidates have taken other jobs and are no longer available, you are left with a weaker talent pool to choose from.

#2  Damage to your Company’s Reputation.   A candidate can see your lengthy hiring process as being a red flag.  It could be interpreted that your company has too much red tape, is bureaucratic, chaotic or moves too slowly in the tech world we now live in.  And speaking of our tech world, keep in mind that candidates will share their hiring experiences with friends through social media.

#3  Loss of money.  It costs money to advertise and recruit candidates.  If you speed up your hiring process, you are able to move on and fill other positions or focus on other tasks.

#4  Loss of revenue & production.   It puts a strain on any workforce to try and maintain performance levels without an adequate workforce.  In an industrial environment, production suffers, quality issues can arise and injuries are more likely.  Within an office setting, the workload is spread among other employees which increases stress levels, mistakes, the chance of things falling through the cracks and poor customer service.  Filling openings quickly helps solve these issues.

#5 Employee Moral.  When your workforce loses confidence that they will be able to return to their normal work responsibilities and workload it lowers employees moral.  Low moral among employees is not easy to overcome and should be avoided whenever possible.

I’m not suggesting you hire irresponsibly – continue to do your due diligence.  In next weeks blog, I will continue on this subject and focus on how to determine if your hiring process is too slow and what you can do to change that.

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