Payroll Your New Hires

Payroll Your New Hires

After finding a candidate for your open position, you might want to rethink hiring them directly into your company. “Payroll” this new hire through a staffing service – let them be an employee of the staffing service, not yours for a brief period of time. Why would I want to do that? Look at these 5 benefits for the answer to that question.

Extended Interview

By placing the new hire on a staffing service payroll you gain time to evaluate the employee in your workplace and verify they can do what they said they are capable of doing in the interview and possess the skills listed on their resume.   You can see if they are a good fit for your organization, are they punctual, have good attendance and a good work ethic.  If you discover the employee isn’t a good fit then the staffing service releases them from the position. 

Don’t lose the employee due to a lengthy Hiring Processes

You need to hire this employee now, but your hiring process is a lengthy one and neither you nor your candidate can afford to wait.  You don’t want to chance losing a great candidate to another company resulting in lost hiring costs nor losing what that employee could have brought to your company.   “Payroll” this employee through a staffing service and give your company the time needed to complete the hiring process while you begin to reap the benefits from your new hire.  

Reduce Unemployment Claims

If the new hire is being “payrolled” through a staffing service they are an employee of the staffing service – not your company.  If the employee is terminated during this period of time, the unemployment claim is the responsibility of the staffing service – not yours.  This saves you not only the time in managing the claim but in protecting your unemployment tax rate. 

Avoid Workers Comp Claims

Again, if the new hire is an employee of the staffing service and they are injured during this time the worker’s comp claim is the responsibility of the staffing service – not your company.   Many injuries occur while an employee is learning or training in a new position.  It can be very beneficial, especially in an industrial setting, to have this “grace period” from comp claims while new hires complete their training.  The staffing service handles all of the claim management and your worker’s comp modifier is not impacted by the injury – this is a huge dollar saving benefit that affects your rate for 3 years. 

Hiring Freeze

You’ve made your decision on who to hire only to find out Corporate says you are in a hiring freeze and cannot hire anyone.  Many companies work around such hiring freezes by “payrolling” employees through a staffing service.  The expense can be shown as a line item expense on your P & L.           

Career Personnel welcomes the opportunity to discuss with you in more detail how “payrolling” can benefit your company.   The benefits of our services include more than just recruiting for a job.  By allowing us the opportunity to learn about your business we can offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.  Contact us today at 903-236-4243. 


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