Is Your Hiring Process Too Slow?

Is Your Hiring Process Too Slow?

As promised here is Part 2 – How to determine if your hiring process is too slow and what you can do to change that.  (For those of you that missed Part 1, you can find it here.)

First, look at your hiring process.

  • List all of the steps in your process. Start at the very beginning and end when an offer would be made.
    • Job Description
    • Job Posting
    • Reviewing resumes
    • Calling Candidates, etc.
  • Look for the obvious first…is there any redundancy?
  • Can any step be omitted or combined with another?
  • Are there steps that are no longer relevant?
  • Are there better, more efficient ways to perform any of the steps?
  • Is there affordable technology available that could reduce time?

Now, put a timetable with each step.

  • How much time does each step take? List the time it takes to complete each step.
  • What is the total time? (Does it surprise you?)
  • Are there one or more steps that seem to be a bottleneck in the process?
  • Look at bottle-necked steps and brainstorm on who, what, where, or when is the cause.

For example:  if you are spending too much time waiting on qualified candidates to answer your postings, ask yourself why?

  • Is job description accurate?
  • Is the salary competitive?
  • Is your job posting written well?
  • Is your job posted on the correct sites? Etc.

Manage your expectations.

  • Are you waiting on the perfect candidate?
    • List the “must have” skills the candidate needs when hired.
    • List the skills the candidate can learn through training.
    • Know and recognize the difference.
  • Is your salary realistic for the skill set you are seeking?
  • Are you unrealistic as to what you perceive as a “job hopper”?
  • Don’t rule out a candidate for an “ugly resume” if they are applying for a non-professional position.

An alternative or add-in to your process would be to work with a staffing company.  Shortened recruitment time; interviewing only prescreened, qualified candidates; and access to passive candidates are benefits offered by such services.  Career Personnel has partnered with companies like yours to assist in all areas of the hiring process.  We create a specific plan for your company’s needs and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you soon.


Career Personnel has developed long-term partnerships with companies of different sizes across East Texas and would welcome the opportunity to see if such a relationship would benefit your company.  We tailor our services to fit your specific needs – not a one size fits all approach.   Please contact us at 903-236-4243 or keep up with Career Personnel online at, and make sure to check us out on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn. 

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