4 Tips for Communicating with Job Candidates

4 Tips for Communicating with Job Candidates

It’s super easy to do a quick internet search and find a ton of articles telling job seekers how to conduct themselves in an interview.  But interviews go both ways and it is equally important for you as a hiring manager to be conscious of manners and professionalism not only in the interview itself but also in the follow-up via phone call or email with a candidate.

How should you contact a candidate?  Every situation and candidate will be different but there are some basic rules to follow so that what “can go wrong – doesn’t go wrong”. 

Do your Prep Work

Before reaching out to a candidate, spend the time and do your homework. Read their resume, highlight areas you’d like them to elaborate on, and list questions you’d like to ask specifically for their resume.  Determine why you are contacting this person – is it for a current opening or would they be a good fit for an upcoming position? 

What you SHOULDN’T do is contact a candidate before looking at their resume.  This can result in discovering that had you read the resume prior to the call you would have realized they are not a good fit for the job.  Not only have you wasted your time, but you’ve wasted theirs – and given them a bad representation of how your organization operates.

Make it Personal – Stand out from the competition

Candidates are usually applying for jobs with multiple companies and they realize that they’re not the only person you are talking to about a position either.  Nothing is less appealing to a candidate than receiving a generic phone call or opening up an email to see some detail pasted into it that does not apply to them. Double check your emails and bring up something unique to that person that caught your eye (a company they worked with, a past role they held, a particular skill they have experience with). 

Stand out from the other companies the candidate is interviewing with by spending the time to add a personal touch to your communication with them.  With low unemployment it is crucial that you make a good impression on candidates – they may be entertaining multiple offers and being personal could help you rise to the top of the list. 

Paint a Pretty Picture

Contacting your candidate isn’t just about seeing if they’re a good fit, but the candidate is also feeling out the job to see if it’s what they’re looking for. Be ready to answer questions about the job and about the company you’re hiring for. When you talk about the role, you want to try to sell it in a positive light, without being dishonest. Show them what makes this job desirable. If you sound apathetic about the job, the candidate you’re talking to may decide to stop the process right there.

Be Polite

One of the easiest ways to ensure a good first impression is to remember your manners and be polite. Even if you realize during your conversation this candidate will not be a good fit for this particular role, cutting the conversation off, or suddenly switching off your courtesy filter will not bode well for you. People talk, and if you came off as rude or unprofessional, you better believe a bad review posting may not be far behind. Another thing to remember is that this candidate may be a great fit for a future role, so it’s best to try to end your conversation on good terms in case you come calling again

Proper contact with candidates takes a lot of time – wading through resumes, choosing those you wish to contact and then reaching out via phone or email is time-consuming – and this is just the beginning of the hiring process. 

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