Temporary Staffing.

Fill skills gaps, improve safety & increase productivity. Our temporary associates are available when you need them, so you can keep up with any business demand.


Reduce your hiring risks. Try one of our employees on the job to assess their abilities & work ethic before making a hiring decision.  This is the ultimate “working interview”.

Direct Hire.

Streamline your search for full-time professionals. Career Personnel will source and screen candidates for you & present the best for you to choose from.

Payroll Services.

Take advantage of our evaluation process & pre-screening services by placing potential employees on our payroll for a trial period. Let us process your new hires for you! This gives you the opportunity to evaluate each employee – thus greatly reducing your employment liability & financial burden before making the final hiring commitment.

Skills Testing.

We partner with all local businesses in offering free skills testing, so that you can make more informed hiring decisions. Read more about our skills testing...

Career Personnel's ability to attract, assess, qualify, and retain quality employees makes us your perfect HR partner. 

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