Background Checks: Don’t Skip ‘Em

Background Checks: Don’t Skip ‘Em

Why are background checks necessary? It’s a question that many employers have asked over the years. Implementing a background check policy can benefit your company in many ways. Here are 5 reasons you should always run a background check:

  1. Highlight Criminal Charges

This one seems obvious. Most employers run background checks on their applicants because they want to know if there is anything negative on their criminal histories. Criminal activity isn’t always relevant to the hiring process. For instance, if an applicant has a single drug charge from over 30 years ago, that may not have an impact on whether or not you hire them. However, other charges can absolutely impact how well an applicant fits a job. A person with a history of sex crimes, for instance, may pose a threat in a position involving service calls, while someone with a history of DWIs shouldn’t be hired for a driving job.

  1. Flag Dangerous Candidates

Plain and simple, some applicants could pose a threat to the safety of your customers, their co-workers, & employers.  Someone convicted of murder, sex crimes or assault can create exposure to liability for employers depending on the position they would hold within the company. If an employer hires a violent criminal, and that person later hurts or kills a customer or co-worker, the employer could be held liable for the incident. Background checks can minimize this liability.

  1. Verify Qualifications

Background checks aren’t just about an applicant’s criminal history. On the contrary, work history references & verification checks are a huge part of the background screening process. This means speaking with employers to verify job titles & responsibilities and could also involve checking with universities & certification programs to verify an applicant has the degrees & professional licenses he or she claims. These verification checks are a valuable & important way to make sure an applicant is as qualified for a position as their resume makes it seem.

  1. Save Yourself Time & Money

Some employers hesitate to perform employee background screenings because they think they’re expensive. However, background checks will end up saving your business both money & time in the long run and for a variety of different reasons. Needless to say, dodging those bullets with a thorough background check is a wise business decision to make prior to hiring new employees.

For employers, the whole hiring process can be stressful & time-consuming. Between reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, & training new hires, the process can cost a lot in terms of lost productivity. With background checks, you improve your chances of finding the right person—thereby minimizing the chance that you will have to hire a replacement in a few months when your initial hire doesn’t work out!

Career Personnel has developed a screening process that includes background searches for sex crimes, criminal background on a federal and state level along with work references and skill testing.  This information combined with a personal interview with candidates help us find a good fit for a variety of job openings.  If you would like more information about how we can assist you with any of your hiring needs please contact us at


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