5 Easy Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

5 Easy Ways to Improve Productivity at Work

Are there times when you find yourself mindlessly clicking away on your office computer browser? Alright, so you already start every day with a To-Do list, but you soon find yourself becoming distracted with tasks that are the least of your priorities, or just, simply, procrastinating. Keep in mind that you are only in the office for a certain period of time during the day, so it is important to make the most out of it. Being productive at work isn’t hard; you just need to know how to increase your output. That is, you either work hard and redouble your efforts or you work smart.

So how do you get your focus on and get some work done? Here is the list of five easy ways to improve your productivity at work:

  1. Set Your Schedules – You might say “Isn’t this the same as a To-Do List? Those don’t work for me.” Don’t confuse your schedule and your to-do list. They aren’t the same. While the to-do list numbers what you have to do, it doesn’t help you manage your time to complete those tasks. The human brain is a muscle and it can only focus for 25 minutes at a time. You may notice as time progresses, your attention and focus shifts elsewhere, like the rest of your projects and how you can finish them. A timetable keeps track of what you should achieve or what you are able to finish within a designated time. Finished or not, proceed to the next task. This will help you increase your productivity level and get the results that you need. 
  2. Have A Routine – After you have established a schedule, then you should establish a routine. For example, what time will you answer all your emails? What time would you be doing these spreadsheets? What time should you take a break? Then do your best to stick to that routine every day. Routines may sound bland, but they can actually make you more productive. You have set your concentration and your focus on a designated field or topic. Even checking your emails, sets your brain to kick-start the concentration it needs. Routines actually help you condition for your day.
  3. Stretch & Take Breaks – Think you can get more work done by sitting on that chair until the end of your shift? Think again! According to Dr. James Levine, sitting for a prolonged period of time can actually increase cholesterol levels and excess waistline fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and also the risk of cardiovascular diseases.   Simply put: sitting for long periods of time is harmful. Spending a few hours in the gym during the weekend is not enough to deter these health risks. In a study conducted by Stockholm University doing exercise at work helps increase work productivity levels. Learn how to manage your energy and stress levels. Try taking a break after every hour to get up and stretch. One of such workplace exercise is, instead of sitting down during meetings, walk laps with your colleagues. It helps circulation and improves stamina after a day of mostly sitting down.
  4. Don’t Procrastinate – You have set a schedule and a routine for each of your task, but that does not mean that you will have that “I’ll do it tomorrow instead’ attitude. That is no longer time management; that is called procrastinating. You’re only at work for a few hours so learn how much work you can do during that shift. You can minimize distractions and increase productivity by learning how to manage your tasks and ensuring you have the time to complete them. Discipline yourself to not put off tasks to the next day. Learn to do them efficiently and don’t give in to that procrastination monster.
  5. Don’t Stop Learning & Improving – Being productive is a learning process. It is not just about making timetables or routines, but it builds your character on how to discipline yourself to overcome any obstacle. Improving your productivity and your schedules may not remain the same; it is about overcoming challenges and hardships, avoiding bad habits, and finding ways to achieve your goals efficiently. Always keep your mind open, accept new challenges, appreciate your success and even your failures.

Improving your productivity at work is not at all hard to learn. Always remember to work hard and to work smart.


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